no thank u

One Night Stand Homeless Man - Business Insider

Accidentally me tho



Wish I could get an aerial Enter the Void view of my apartment so bad rn. 

Of the THREE couples living in my shoebox apartment in Chinatown, is it the elderly couple, the expecting 20-something couple, or the dragon tatted teen couple that are…


…using baby talk?

And is that…spanking I hear?

Didn’t know places like this existed? Me neither tbh! What kind of fucked up Qing dynasty time warp am I in? What year is it? Who won the Civil War? Is the UK still babysitting Hong Kong? How do we feel about opium dens - still chill or nah? 

It’s Cher’s post racial America and we just live in it

It’s Cher’s post racial America and we just live in it

when u think the frat bros at the bar are checkin u out but then they go up to ur ex boyfriend and ask if he’s gay bc they’ve actually been checking him out all night

Anonymous asks: you and your friends are so beautiful! it's insane really.

aw tank u! :*

ill-icitus asks: Your photos are excellent, you capture little candid moments so well!

fank u!!!!

kissing-grunge-flowers asks: Where the FUCK have you been???? Like your blog is the blood in my veins UGH

im back bb thank u! :*

shoutout to the homeless guy with a Home Depot cart and ten motherfuckin fishing poles that decided to start crashing in the lobby of my walk up apartment building

double fisting milkshakes with biblegirl666

double fisting milkshakes with biblegirl666